APF At Home: Fireside Chat with Mark L. Hatzenbuehler, PhD

by APF Staff on May 08, 2024
Dr. Mark Hatzenbuehler

Mark L. Hatzenbuehler, PhD, is a 2023 recipient of the American Psychological Foundation Gold Medal Award for Impact in Psychology. He is joined by APF Trustee Dr. Douglas Haldeman for this Fireside chat.

Dr. Hatzenbuehler was awarded this honor in recognition of his paradigm-shifting approach to understanding and attenuating mental health disparities. Dr. Mark Hatzenbuehler has worked to position structural stigma as a fundamental cause of population disparities in psychiatric morbidity and other health outcomes and to identify the mechanisms through which stigma compromises health from a theoretically driven multimethod research program focused on biopsychosocial mechanisms. His research has explored the impact of stigma and discrimination on minority communities, specifically LGBTQIA+ populations. More than any other person in the field, Dr. Hatzenbuehler has given life to so-called structural stigma by creatively deploying data about contexts to show how they affect the mental health, suicide risk and even longevity of gay and lesbian individuals.