APF At Home: Fireside Chat with Joseph Gone, PhD

by APF Staff on November 20, 2023
Dr. Joseph Gone

Joseph P. Gone, PhD, is a 2023 recipient of the American Psychological Foundation Gold Medal Award for Impact in Psychology. He is joined by APF Treasurer Dr. Linda Forrest for this Fireside chat.

Dr. Gone was awarded this honor in recognition of his dedication to making psychological services more fully accessible, culturally appropriate, and demonstrably effective for alleviating disabling distress among Indigenous peoples and individuals of other diverse backgrounds. Dr. Joseph Gone has cultivated a distinctive and impactful scholarly vision that is anchored in psychology while remaining robustly interdisciplinary and committed to advancing the well-being of American Indian and other Indigenous peoples. Dr. Gone is the leading expert on Native American psychology, and his work is cited in one in four of all publications that exist in psychology on Native groups. His participation in the communities he studies has made his work particularly impactful and allowed for collaborative interventions that otherwise would not be possible.