Announcing the Establishment of the APF’s Psychology of Antisemitism Fund

by APF Staff on May 10, 2023

WASHINGTON – The American Psychological Foundation, in conjunction with the Fund Organizing Committee and Division 55, announces the establishment of the APF Psychology of Antisemitism Fund. The Fund will support annual grants for psychology researchers to use psychological theory and evidence to develop or implement interventions aimed at the reduction of antisemitism and/or mitigating its effects. 

Dr. Laura Barbanel, who convened the Organizing Committee, said “With the appalling and frightening rise of antisemitism in the United States and around the world, it seemed vital that psychologists be brought together to address the growing problem. Psychologists are the experts on human behavior and our hope is that their expertise can help mitigate the problem.” 

Former APA President and member of the Organizing Committee Dr. Dorothy Cantor added, “I am excited to see organized psychology come together for the first time to address the horrific problem of antisemitism.  APF is the right organization to tackle the problem because of its vast reach to researchers and clinicians who will take advantage of the funding opportunities, and because of its capacity for disseminating the results to the broader public.” 

This fund will support the APF Psychology of Antisemitism Grant which will award applicants who design, develop or implement existing programs that are set up to reduce antisemitism or mitigate its effects.    

“APF is proud to partner with the Fund Organizing Committee and Division 55 on this important cause” said APF President Terence M. Keane, PhD. “The rise of antisemitism worldwide is a pressing concern and we look forward to funding programs that will successfully combat this trend.”  

Dr. Richard Lerner, a leading voice of support for the APF Psychology of Antisemitism Fund shared, “After World War II, psychologists were part of a multidisciplinary team that explained to the world the nature, developmental bases, and dangerous implications for world peace, democracy, and social justice of the authoritarian personality and of the fascist and white-supremacy ideas harbored by such individuals. Today, with the resurgence of fascism, white nationalism, and anti-democratic ideologies and actions besetting the world and, in particular, American government and civil society, psychologists are again being asked to focus their expertise on ways to understand the roots of antisemitism and fascism and to contribute to eliminating it from our nation. As they did almost 80 years ago, psychological science will meet this challenge, and the APF Psychology of Antisemitism Fund will significantly help enable them to make this contribution to democracy and the well-being of all people in our nation.” 

The Fund welcomes donations. The inaugural application cycle for this fund will be in the near future, as soon as sufficient funds have been raised. Application details will be updated regularly on the APF website.  

For any inquiries, please contact APF. 

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